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Pro XS

For competitive tournament anglers or boaters who simply crave speed, the choice is simple. No other outboard goes from zero to wide-open throttle as fast as a Mercury Pro XS® engine.


Engineered to Perform

Forget Lucky. Be Fast. 

When every cast makes a difference, Pro XS outboards provide a powerful competitive edge. They use exclusive components and tuning to amplify speed and performance. They’re the product of hard work and precision engineering. Nothing lucky about it.

Move and Be Moved

Whether you run a bass or multi-species fishing boat, flats skiff or pontoon, Pro XS outboards generate performance you can feel. Even the Redline Red graphics package has the look of a champion – for anyone who demands an elite boating experience.

Pro XS Powers Champions

No matter if you compete as a pro or want to win every weekend, the technology behind Pro XS outboards gives you a serious leg up. Their high-output alternators help keep batteries charged. And advanced fuel systems optimize efficiency so you can explore farther on each outing.

Pro XS Advantage

Performance Tuning

Pro XS outboards are tuned to fly. Their high-displacement powerheads generate the torque to get out of the hole quickly and deliver instant throttle response at any speed.


Fish farther with a Pro XS outboard. They possess the ideal combination of lightweight engineering and innovative technology to maximize power and range.

Driving Experience

With smooth, quiet performance at idle and cruising speeds plus a gearcase and mounts designed for high-speed control, Pro XS engines were engineered to keep your focus on driving.

Maintenance & Durability

Color-coded touchpoints and QR codes under the cowl link to maintenance instructions, making it easier to perform the service needed to maximize engine life span and performance.


The Power to Do More.

SmartCraft digital technologies refine the entire boating experience to ensure every day on the water reaches its full potential. 

Digital Throttle & Shift Hot Foot

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls (available for 175hp and up) deliver smooth shifting and instant throttle response, while the DTS Hot Foot pedal provides added control by allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel during high-speed runs.

Active Trim

With just a push of a button, Active Trim automatically optimizes trim levels, adapting on the fly to turns, hole shots and water conditions to ensure smooth, efficient trips.

Digital Gauges

MercMonitor, SC100 and SC1000 gauges provide precise insights into boat and motor functions such as speed, rpm, depth, trim and fuel flow, while also enabling SmartCraft technologies like Troll Control.


VesselView brings your engine’s stats and digital controls to your fingertips. For convenient access, VesselView Mobile® displays real-time engine data on mobile devices. VesselView Link and SmartCraft Connect integrate performance data onto compatible displays from Lowrance®, Simrad®, Garmin® and Raymarine®.

Warranty & Maintenance

Warranty Coverage

Mercury makes world-class marine products backed by world-class warranties.


At Mercury, we make maintenance easy. Learn more about how to keep your Mercury products performing at their peak.

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